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Alumni of Accounting Study Program
Economics Faculty - UMM

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Umar Hadi Triyoso (Internal Auditor, Kalimantan)
“The coaching held through various activities in the Accounting Laboratory UMM made me to be accostumed to various under-pressure works.”
M. Arif Hakim (Management Accountant, Surabaya)
“Accounting practicum experiences in the Acounting Laboratory UMM help me much in facing and solving my job as an accountant. The Accounting Department UMM is really able to produce the real accountant.”
Bestari Dwi Handayani (Lecturer at State University of Semarang)
“It has been proved that Accounting Department UMM graduates are able to be Accounting lecturer at the state university. My experience of being an activist during my study at UMM make me confident in competing with great state universities graduates”
Luwes Anotowati (Mandiri Bank, Jakarta)
“Thanks to the Accounting Department UMM, thanks to the Accounting Laboratory, and thanks to my lecturers. Really, because of the dedication (and God's bless) I can be at this position.”
Widodo Teguh Santoso (Civil Servant at the Inspectorate of Agricultural Department)
“However, I can say that my experiences during doing activities in the Accounting Student Association UMM help me much in handling my job now. It is not only on the accounting science, but also strategy in facing people, negotiation, etc.”
Ariestyowati (PT. Thiess Contractors Indonesia, Kalimantan)-Accounting Department

“The development of global economy is accompanied with various demands on labors with various skills which are suitable with the market requirements. Moreover, the Accounting Study Program UMM always updates its curriculum based on the users' demands. Thus, I can be at this position right now.”
Yudi Hartono ( PKT Bontang)-Division of Business and Finance
I'd like to say that studying at UMM especially at Accounting Department was a miracle in my life. Please don't stop at one point of change, but keep changing to be better because the eternal one is the change itself.

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